(Applications will open January 1st 2022)

(Submission Deadline April 30th 2022)

Poppy's Pizza Class of 2022 Scholarships

Applicants must be a resident of Holmes County, a graduating senior, be of good character, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and a record of extracurricular activities, and community service.

To apply please fill out the form below and write an essay about yourself covering all the topics listed below:

1. How will this scholarship help you?

2. How have you contributed to your community?

3. Tell us about yourself.

4. Tell us about a time you failed and what you learned from it.

5. What are your academic and/or career goals?

6. Why do you deserve this scholarship?

7. How are you unique? (Discuss your background, identity, interest, or talent) 

8. Why do you want to study/pursue [X]?

Poppy's Pizza shall notify the chosen scholarship recipient(s) of its decision in May 2022. The scholarship payment will be made after the selected student notifies Poppy's Pizza about the school the recipient(s) will be attending. All scholarship checks will be made payable the college/university/school for the student. 

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